(ATM Cards)

The new Pulse rediCARD now has chip protection and payWave functionality which means you can now just wave your card and go.

The new card will replace the existing red rediCARD and can be used in exactly the same way but now also has the payWave functionality.


You can do 10 PayWave transactions a day, however it is worth remembering that each payWave transaction is considered an Eftpos transaction so can attract fees (refer fees & charges)
You can payWave up to $100 per transaction then you will require a PIN, you can payWave up to a total of $500 a day then you will require a PIN.
No you don’t have to use payWave if you don’t want to you can just insert or swipe the card the same as in the past.
No, if it is a reissue of an expiring card the PIN will be the same.
The payWave functionality can be Turned Off.
If you don’t want payWave, please call 03 9347 9588 or send a Secure Email and we will turn this function off for you.
Our extensive testing has shown that the EFTPOS PayWave currently doesn’t work everywhere because not all terminals have had the functionality installed, they may work with VISA & mastercard but not Eftpos, if it won’t tap then you can swipe or insert the card as you would previously.
No, it is exactly the same as the previous card except it now has payWave capabilities


To report a lost, stolen or misused rediCARD or if the PIN has become known to someone else:

  • During business hours 03 9347 9588
  • rediCARD HOTLINE 1800 648 027 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

After contacting the rediCARD HOTLINE, you should also report the matter to our office on 03 9347 9588.

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The Credit Union rediCARD is now one of Australia’s most widely accepted access cards. rediCARD allows withdrawal of cash from Credit Union accounts Australia wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So with withdrawal limits of up to $2,000 per day per card, there is no need to run short of cash.